the weather in here
the weather in here
the weather in here

I spent all that money on a graphical user interface, I bought a Macintosh in 1985, and now the latest version wants me to develop with just the 256 icons of ascii.

The terminal is required. Some employers expect a typing speed test and take exception to those with terminal phobia. I am ok with clis. I read the documentation and become proficient with them as tools. But there are so many and as I move from one to the other I forget the arguments and short cuts.


I have a solution. I have evolved a work practice that includes…

Thanks for the article. I'll certainly try it. Have you seen the package `nodeenv`? It allows you to create a virtual environment for node that works with `venv`. You install it via pip.

It gives you the same level of isolation as `venv` with the ability to choose which version on node you are dependent on.

a vue weather input
a vue weather input

The weather is all-important; I’m British. I live in ‘Westest’ Wales and
I like to say we have every weather every day. So I thought it would be
a good idea to show the weather in the menubar of my Vue site.

My inspiration was a curl sent to me by a friend concerned the weather
was not good that day in Wales:

curl ''

On my terminal there was bright coloured icon of the rendered unicode character for sunny, but cold. milford haven: ⛅ +1°C. The documentation for can be found here¹ — the tool is amazing.


This article is a follow on from Realtime Chat with Vite, Vue3 and Python Tornado. But my son said this should have come first. In that article I suggested that I could provide a view of pylint, axblack, pytest and sphinx. I use Atom, but others are excellent too, such as VS Code, Eclipse and PyCharm. Atom has plug-ins to make it a usable python ide: language-python, python-black, linter-pylint, platformio-ide-terminal, to name but a few. What we’ll do here is in the terminal, so any editor will do.

By engineering I mean tested, consistent, documented code. So let’s start setting…

I love Vue and Vite — what a wonderful development experience. But I love Python for its Tornado, SQLAlchemy and so much more. So here is a tip of the iceberg — this demonstrates the nexus along with outrageous misuse of tools and bad engineering — where is the linting, formating, testing, documentation and the rest? If asked I can drum up the pylint, axblack, pytest, sphinx, but I won’t use rest; rpcs for me.

To start we create a Makefile — its steps are simple if you don’t have Make:

  • create a virtual environment called venv
  • activate and install…

Peter Bunyan

A developer in Westest Wales

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